• Executive Recruitment

    BSP Executive Search (Pty) Ltd is a boutique executive search firm that was formed in partnership with a pre-eminent leadership development consultancy with the aim of addressing the expressed needs of client organisations and address a perceived gap in the local market.

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  • BSP Selection

    BSP Selection leads the way in recruiting senior and middle management positions across the private and public sectors. Our approach is based on targeted, bespoke solutions based on market intelligence. We satisfy a gap in the market where previously one would have to rely on traditional recruitment services and job boards.

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  • Our African Experience

    BSP Executive Search has developed over the years a strong track record in helping African and global companies identify, attract and bring on board executive talent from around the world. Our experience covers Sub-Saharan Africa and a number of industry sectors.

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What We Do

  • BSP Executive Search (Pty) Ltd is a boutique executive search firm that was formed in partnership with a pre-eminent leadership development consultancy with the aim of addressing the expressed needs of client organisations and address a perceived gap in the local market. BSP Executive Search is proudly a Level 3 empowerment contributor company in terms of the DTI Codes of Good Practice on BB-BEE

    We deliver bespoke solutions for the South African market that add value and are valued, BSP seeks to nurture intimate and mature client relationships which help to ensure that the resultant output exceeds expectation. Our organisation values, embedded in our client and candidate engagement philosophy, prioritize open and honest communication, moral and ethically sound behaviour and investing in relationships that are professional and authentic in nature.

    Our partnership with YSA, a niche consultancy specialising in developing leadership, positions BSP uniquely in the local market with a value proposition that encompasses both the attraction and development of essential executive leadership without which no organisation can thrive, or even survive! Our combined competence and service offering includes access to and experience in a broad range of talent and leadership development strategies.

    In executive search we are innovative in the way we map and research the market, we are creative in the way we attract relevant talent, we are thorough in the way we perform our candidate due diligence and we add value in the manner of our executive psychometric assessments.

    With the people in place, the attention turns to moulding an effective unit – “Developing leadership is, at its heart, rooted in a profound understanding of who you are. As people. As individuals. As characters. Then it is about developing and growing our understanding of how, as individuals, you work together as a team and as a business”, and this is where YSA has an enviable track record.

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    Our African Experience

    BEE Certificate 2015 for
    BSP Executive Search (Pty) Ltd

  • We are a division of the BSP Group which includes BSP Executive Search, one of South Africa’s leading executive search firms, and employ the same rigour, creativity and integrity in our sourcing and selection process. BSP Selection recruits for the management tiers below our partner company and was established to satisfy a client-led demand for high quality resourcing solutions to senior and middle management vacancies.

    Bespoke resourcing solutions for senior and middle management talent.

    Our approach is based on targeted, bespoke solutions based on market intelligence. We satisfy a gap in the market where previously one would have to rely on traditional recruitment services and job boards.

    Trusted advisor - Our aim at BSP Selection is to be trusted advisors who have specialist knowledge of the areas in which we recruit. We offer our clients genuine market insight and advice. By being brand ambassadors we support our clients in making key appointments which have a critical impact on their organisations.

    Focused Expertise - We are experts in identifying and attracting talent. Due to our in-depth experience from recruiting suitable talent into appropriate roles, we are able to add superior value to our clients.

    Why choose BSP Selection?

    Knowledge – Our team have built their careers through recruiting at levels ranging from middle management to the boardroom. This means we are well equipped to guide and advise our clients.

    Unique strategic approach – Challenges faced by businesses vary tremendously, and therefore the approach to find the best talent needs to reflect this. Few firms offer the bespoke solution offered by BSP Selection.

    Personal core values – We are passionate about what we do. We understand how important it is to deliver the right outcomes for clients and candidates in a manner that adds value and is professional and ethical.

    Ownership of our work - We take pride and full ownership in the quality of our work. Too often, various points of contact are offered by other companies, resulting in sub standard work. We offer a personalised approach.

    Comprehensive client solution to talent management – The breadth of knowledge offered by BSP Selection and Executive Search and YSA is unparalleled.

  • BSP Risk was created to complement the BSP Group’s suite of services and aims to continue the delivery of an excellent standard of bespoke search solutions offered to our clients. BSP Risk will focus its offering in the Legal, Risk and Compliance functions within a range of industries that specifically require these, but particularly within the Financial Services sector, at a VP / Director, Senior Partner and Executive level.


    The global financial crisis has focussed business’ mind on the need for effective risk and regulatory management to protect their and their stakeholders’ interests. In order to provide this essential oversight it has become imperative that a business creates an internal, robust, risk framework within their own organisation and not to rely solely on external legislation and regulation.

    The Legal, Risk and Compliance positions in a business play a crucial role in providing the expertise and specialist functions needed to steer a business through their key risks and their legal, licensing and operational deliverables. These functions are becoming more specialised and complex and it is imperative that Executives responsible for resourcing risk areas are either knowledgeable on the skills required for these positions or are properly advised on who the most appropriate candidates, for their risk vacancies, would be.


    BSP Risk will be able to provide your business with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how a risk function within a business should be resourced.

    Having had extensive practical experience of running risk functions with local and international financial service providers, BSP Risk will be able to assist your institution with sourcing skilled, professional candidates who are appropriately suited for their role. The local regulatory environment is becoming increasingly more prescriptive on what the qualifications, experience and the “Fit & Proper” status of Directors is required in an organisation, BSP Risk understands these requirements and will strategically partner with you to make your search and selection of a candidate more efficient.

  • BSP Technology, in response to the ‘pain’ being felt by clients with respect to their contingent recruitment (both temporary and permanent) and having identified the need for greater transparency, control and compliance, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Skillstream (www.skillsteam.co.uk) for Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Skillstream, a market leading developer of recruitment software with an enviable client list and track record in the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and now the Americas, has ‘indigenised’ their technology to ensure compliance with local legislation and labour policy. With the functionality to seamlessly integrate with your ERP system, assign appropriate levels of authority and system access in line with your recruitment policy, empower human resource professionals, line managers, supplying partners and candidates while, critically, giving real-time visibility of the complete workforce, the efficiencies begin to be realised ….. and timeframes, all associated costs and supplier performance metrics can be reported on.

    When talking recruitment, if you are looking for cost savings, compliance, management information, supplier transparency, system configurability and native mobility then follow this link for a demonstration and to find out more.


  • Our approach towards psychometric and leadership assessment include both an interactive and collaborative approach that combines rigorous, scientific assessment and skilled interviewing/coaching (an “owned-by” rather than “done-to” approach). This ensures the ultimate ownership of the outcomes and results by the individuals that goes through the process.

    Furthermore, we approach assessments from a ‘holistic view’ perspective, whether for selection purposes, individual, leadership or career development. Various lenses are used to gain a rounded view of the individual. These lenses translate information into understandable terms for both the individual and the organisation. Looking through the eyes of the self as well as through the eyes of others is needed to gain this all-inclusive picture. A combination and blend of instruments are used, confirming and validating information to enhance the clarity of this perception / image and the ultimate recommendation(s).

    When exploring the dynamics of an individual, two broad categories will emerge, namely areas of strength and areas in need of development. In a working environment, these two categories get linked to a specific competency framework. Insight into the compatibility of the individual to the role could be gained via this process. An additional lens could be added in collaboration with the organisation which would offer insight to the individual’s fit with the organisational culture.

    The abovementioned insights can offer invaluable input to individual career choices, aligning competency, experience and motivation to chart a career path. This introspection and goal/objective setting will result in a distilled range of development areas which can help to focus individual and organisation effort and optimize results.

    We operate on a ‘tool independent’ basis and proudly only use instruments that comply with the highest local and international assessment standards. We subscribe to the following design and ethical considerations:

    Instruments used…
    • Have been shown to be valid and reliable;
    • Have been standardised on the South African population or relevant international population, which produce norms against which individuals can be compared;
    • Do not measure traits that are biased against any group of employees;
    • Are the latest versions of psychological tests available;
    • Are administered by a registered and accredited psychologist / psychometrist
  • Developing leadership is, at its heart, rooted in a profound understanding of who you are. As people. As individuals. As characters. Then it is about developing and growing your understanding of how, as individuals, you work together as a team and as a business.

    We do not work with case studies and hypothetical situations. We work with real people, in real time, tackling the actual challenges you face, addressing the stark reality of your situation, not avoiding it.

    The Job of leadership

    Your company needs to be somewhere other than where it is right now. It needs to develop. And it needs to generate significant, sustainable wealth.

    The job of leadership is to take an organisation from where it is to where it needs to be, mobilising it so that it moves to point B as effectively as possible.

    The job of leadership is to fulfill you and your organisation’s Sense of Purpose.

    Leadership is about you.

    It is rooted in who you are, rather than in what you know. Your knowledge and skill are vital, but your integrity, sense of self worth, resilience and other personal qualities count for more.

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Who We Are

  • Hilton Brown BSP Executive MD

    Having read for a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law, Hilton spent a decade in the United Kingdom where he worked for a commercial finance company, a firm or retail stockbrokers and then finally ended up at Michael Page International (MPI), a global recruitment company now listed on the London Stock Exchange. During his time with MPI as a Director, Hilton was responsible for the London-based operations of the Sales & Marketing division before moving to a niche Executive Search firm with a focus on the financial services sector on a pan-European basis.

    In 2002 Hilton was approached by JSE-listed Adcorp Holdings to run various of the recruitment operating companies in South Africa before establishing the company’s outsourcing division by integrating the brands and operations of nine underlying Adcorp companies into a single entity while still maintaining responsibility for their Executive Search business.

    After 6 years with Adcorp, Hilton sought to focus exclusively on Executive Search and moved to Odgers Berndtson before teaming up with YSA to create a unique and integrated Executive Leadership offering to client companies that incorporates Executive Search and relationship management with a range of Leadership Development products and services.

  • Alain Cheenne BSP Executive Director

    Alain Cheenne holds an MA in English with Political Science and a post-graduate Degree in Business Management from Nancy University (France). From 1991, he spent 3 years in the UK working in IT Sales and Recruitment before returning to France and joining Michael Page International as a consultant specialising in IT recruitment. He spent the following 15 years working for MPI in France, Belgium, the UK and South Africa. His experience at MPI includes managing business units, creating businesses, turning around existing businesses as well as running global projects for the group.

    He moved to Johannesburg in July 2006 to create the Michael Page business in the country and joined Odgers Berndtson, a global Executive Search firm, in 2009 as a Partner, to focus solely on Executive Search.

    Alain is currently a Director of the BSP Group where he helps South-African and International firms attract high level executives. BSP’s association with YSA has created a unique and integrated Executive Leadership offering to client companies that incorporates Executive Search and relationship management with a range of Leadership Development products and services.

    Alain’s international experience as well as his fluency in both French and English have allowed him to work at the highest level for a number of renowned firms around the world.

  • Mike Atter BSP Selection MD

    Mike is a Director of BSP Selection. With over ten years of international executive recruitment experience, Mike has worked across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and Industrial sectors in South Africa. His functional specialisms include Finance, Sales and Human Resources.

    Mike began his career in recruitment in 2001, with the founding of a hospitality recruitment firm in the USA. He moved back to the UK in 2006, to set up a new office focusing on the financial services sector in Canary Wharf, London for a listed Scandinavian recruiter.

    In 2008, Mike relocated to South Africa to head up the Sub Saharan operations of the FTSE 250 recruitment firm Robert Walters Plc. Mike oversaw a large expansion of the business including the development of several new divisions.

    In 2011 Mike joined Odgers Berndtson to continue his development, focusing on executive search work in the boardroom.

    Mike graduated from Keele University in the UK with a Honours Degree in History and Geography.

  • Petro Badenrecht BSP & YSA Associate

    A registered psychologist, psychometrist and respected consultant, Petro is known for professional relationships with clients and the efficient delivery of projects. Petro has worked in diverse sectors and industries with various levels of employees ranging from middle management to excecutives. She is comfortable working with individuals and teams, having worked on various projects nationally and in Africa.

    Has participated in projects involving excecutive assessment, leadership development, team alignment, strategy development and implementation. These projects have entailed considerable psychometric assessment, facilitation and co- facilitation of workshops, as well as input towards personal, professional and leadership development. Is a LifePi Consultant, Petro is involved in the application of the LifePi technique towards personal and professional development.

    Has a particular interest in professional development within the field of consulting psychology and has been invited to supervise the Post Graduate Psychology students at the University of Johannesburg (since 2006).

    Educational Background:
    • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication as well as a Honours Degree in Psychology from the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU now University of Johannesburg), South Africa.

    • Masters Degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) from the University of Pretoria (UP), South Africa.
    • Completed all course work towards a Doctoral Degree in Consulting Psychology from University of South Africa (UNISA). Thesis in progress.
    Professional Registration & Accreditations:

    • Registered Psychologist : Health Professions council of South Africa ( HPCSA)
    Accredited User and trained by (amongst others):
    • Magellan Consulting: Cognitive Processing Profile (CPP)
    • Bioss: Career Path Appreciation (CPA) Custodian
    • Saville Holdswith Ltd (SHL): Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) Job Analysis & Profiling & Work Profiling System (WPS)
    • Saville Consulting: Wave Personality Assessment
    • Jopie Van Rooyen & Partners: Baron EQ-I Accreditation - Emotional Intelligence Plus (EQ2.0), MBTI Step I & II Accreditation, Hogan Suite Accreditation, 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)
    • Metra Holdings: Management Insight, Life Path Analysis (Life Pi)
    • Omnicor: Selection Blueprint (Competency) Interviewing
    • Department Of Public Service And Administration Of SA: Accredited DPSA Assessor

  • Jonathan Yudelowitz YSA & BSP Director

    His unique expertise lies in the connection between human and business strategic issues. As such, he has acquired enormous experience – and renown – for facilitating strategy and leadership development of top South African and global companies. Jonathan coaches high profile South African and international captains of industry, both as leaders and as team players.

    Jonathan is widely regarded as a thought leader in the field of leadership development, organisational change and strategic choices. With good reason. He developed the Learner Leadership Concept to guide strategy and leadership development, resolve conflict and build leadership awareness skills and trust. He is also recognised for his groundbreaking work in developing the impact and presence of experts who may not have formal authority in organisations, which he has termed Sideways Leadership. And he co-developed LifePi [LifePathInsight]. LifePi produces a report from a biographical questionnaire which develops awareness and responsibility in business leadership.

    Prior to founding YSA, Jonathan held several prestigious positions and board appointments within the South African and global offices of Gemini Consulting. He played a key role in the creation and marketing of the Leadership Development service offering for the global firm. He has been on the faculty of the Wits Business School since 1995 and currently lectures on its MBA programme. Jonathan is the co-author of Smart Leadership, published by Wiley-Capstone, UK, and now in its second edition. He is also a regular columnist in South Africa’s leading business newspaper, Business Day. His numerous articles deal with leadership and related issues.

    Jonathan holds a Master of Management from the University of the Witwatersrand Graduate School of Business, Johannesburg, South Africa and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. Perhaps not surprisingly, he has been included in the International Who’s Who.

  • Brad Shannon YSA & BSP Director

    Brad’s unique expertise lies in Leadership Development and large scale organisational change. He has enormous experience in applying process psychological principles to executive coaching and the facilitation of executive teams. As such, he is highly successful in mentoring and guiding senior executives through role clarification processes, corporate governance and executive performance management. He enjoys an enviable reputation for successful delivery of large scale transformation projects.

    Brad co-developed LifePi [LifePathInsight]. LifePi produces a report from a biographical questionnaire which develops awareness and responsibility in business leadership. Before founding YSA, Brad was a Managing Consultant at Gemini Consulting South Africa. He worked in the People Discipline, managing a portfolio of strategic accounts. He project-managed large-scale transformation and change projects. He provided leadership development, focused executive counselling and one-on-one coaching at CEO/MD level.

    Prior to Gemini Consulting, Brad held Senior HR Management positions in major South African corporations.

    Brad holds a Master of Management (cum laude) from University of the Witwatersrand Graduate School of Business, Johannesburg, South Africa, a Master of Social Science (cum laude) in Neuropsychology from the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

    He has lectured at the University of Natal and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in psychology and neuropsychology and currently lectures part-time at the Wits Business School on its MBA programme.

    Brad is the author of academic articles on neuropsychology.

  • Debbie Kruger YSA & BSP Director

    Debbie Kruger mentors business leaders through their career transitions and leadership challenges.

    She brings the practical experience of being a business leader to the leadership development consulting role, enabling people to take a stronger role in influencing those around them.

    She has implemented a leadership development process within one of South Africa’s leading merchant banks, enabling large-scale transformation to a leadership culture, thus supporting the rapid growth of the bank.

    Prior to YSA, Debbie Kruger headed up the Leadership Development Practice at Gemini Consulting South Africa. She worked on projects concerning change management and business transformation.

    Prior to Gemini, between 1994 and 2002, she co-founded Human Dynamics Health, providers of corporate wellness services. She took the company from a start-up operation to the leading national provider of corporate wellness services, known for their commitment to “touching lives at work, at home and in the community.” She ultimately held the position of Managing Director.

    Debbie has a BA (Hons) and an MA (with distinction) in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

  • Buhle Masithela BSP Mkabayi

    Buhle holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Natal in Economics and Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA) from Simmons College, Boston, USA.

    Her initial career was in Consumer Brand Marketing where she worked for Robertsons Spices; now part of Unilever and Royal Beech-Nut/Nabisco; now part of Mondelez International before studying for her MBA degree through the Fulbright Scholarship.

    Post her MBA studies, Buhle joined Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), South Africa’s premier investment bank. She left the bank after 8 years having spent time in business and human capital roles. Her last role was in the Coverage division where she held the position of Business Development Director and had responsibility for a portfolio of clients.

    In 2008 she joined global search executive company, Spencer Stuart as a Director and Consultant. She specialised in financial services and consumer goods and worked both in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

    She re-joined RMB in 2013 in Human Capital where she held leadership roles in Talent and Transformation.

    Buhle has an appreciation of the combination of elements that make exceptional talent thrive in organisations. Organisations that appreciate the importance of diverse teams and skills; and are able to offer inclusive work environments, reap the benefits of engaged and high performing employees. Buhle is interested in not just identifying exceptional talent and leaders; she is keen to partner with organizations to see them succeed.

Recently Completed Assignments

  • Group CFO, Global Infrastructure Group
  • HR Director, Global Infrastructure Group
  • COO Corporate Banking, SA Bank
  • CFO, Financial Services Firm
  • Head of Sales, Africa, Financial Services Firm
  • Deputy CEO, ICT
  • CEO, ICT
  • Marketing Director, ICT
  • COO, Oil & Gas
  • GM Sales & Marketing, Oil & Gas
  • Chief Legal Officer, Oil & Gas
  • HR Director, Construction Group
  • Managing Director, Zambia, FMCG
  • CFO, ICT Global Firm
  • Company Secretary, Construction Co.

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